Gift of schooling

Laura Mourino
1 min readJan 28, 2022


I saw something beautiful today.

Unconditional love.

And it was not the unconditional love of a mother

or the unconditional love of a dog.

It was the conditional love of friendship.

H and C came to school on an off school day to accompany their best friend E and make sure she did all of her math work so she could go from a D+ to a C-.

They stayed for 4 hours and 17 mins without a break: no hall walks, no tic toc rehearsals, no lunch. They stayed by her side at all times and they would laugh and gossip for 10 minutes and then E worked for 30 minutes.

I saw care, support, worry and empowerment amongst these 3 students

And I got Jealous!

In my lifetime I have been fortunate to have only 1 friend like that would do that for me,

but to have two friends love you unconditionally,

and at that age!

As E would say — wooooooooooooooooooooooow — in her dramatic young voice for about 5 seconds !!!!!!!!

These three young humans already understand what sacrifice, commitment, loyalty, unconditional love means beyond their homes!

And they showed ME yet another gift of schooling -

a place where unconditional love can exist amongst young people.

Thank you C, H and E for a day of teaching I will never forget!

And yes, E earned a C!



Laura Mourino

Education Activist. Math Adjunct Professor — Baruch and Hunter College (CUNY) , The New School and NYC public school Math Educator (Harvest Collegiate HS)